Sydney Sixers Parking Extension: Ensuring Access for Fans

Sydney Sixers Parking Extension: Ensuring Access for Fans
Sydney Sixers Parking Extension: Ensuring Access for Fans (image credit google)

Sydney Sixers Parking Extension: Ensuring Access for Fans

Sydney Sixers fans have received heartening news with the announcement of legislation by the NSW Government that extends on-grass parking at Moore Park. This extension will remain in effect while additional parking solutions are under construction.

Accessible Matches

This move aims to ensure that all residents, regardless of their proximity to the ground or access to public transport, can enjoy Sixers matches at the iconic Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) this summer.

A Century of Tradition

For over a century, the grass at Moore Park East has served as a game day carpark.

Legislation Amendment

In 2022, the former Government amended the Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust Act, setting deadlines for the removal of on-grass parking near Kippax Lake and at the south of Moore Park East, opposite the SCG and Hordern Pavilion.

Parking Shortage Challenge

The new carpark construction aimed to offset the loss of parking near Kippax Lake is expected to complete by late 2025, two years after the current legislated deadline of December 31, 2023. This poses a significant challenge as thousands of parking spots may disappear without alternative arrangements in place.

Impact on the Community

This shortage will particularly impact residents, including young families, the elderly, individuals with accessibility needs, and those traveling from western Sydney and regional NSW who rely on parking options to attend events at the SCG and Allianz Stadium.

Legislative Amendments

The NSW Government will introduce legislative amendments that extend the operation of Lower Kippax until the Venues NSW carpark is ready and until a solution to offset the parking at Showground is established.

Significant Economic Impact

The absence of a viable parking solution could lead to an estimated $18 million revenue loss for Venues NSW and a $30 million loss for the local visitor economy across 66 event days per year.

Parking Removal Timeline

Already, 650 spaces opposite Allianz Stadium known as Upper Kippax have been removed, and the next phase is the removal of 350 spaces opposite Allianz Stadium known as Lower Kippax, scheduled for December 31, 2023. Finally, 1100 spaces opposite the SCG, known as Showground Field, will be gone by December 31, 2025.

Ensuring Equal Access

Premier of NSW Chris Minns emphasized the importance of equal access to public facilities, especially for those traveling from Western Sydney and other regions.

Sixers’ Enthusiasm

Head of Sydney Sixers, Rachael Haynes, expressed her excitement about the announcement, highlighting its significance for passionate Sixers fans. She mentioned the upcoming Weber WBBL 09 match on November 26 as a special event for fans who choose to travel by car.

Call for Support

Haynes called upon Members of Parliament to support these legislative changes when they are presented in Parliament, emphasizing the importance of accessibility to sports and entertainment facilities for all fans.

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